The Daily Mile

What is the daily mile?

Every morning on a school day the whole school do a fitness activity called the Daily Mile. Each child will walk for ten minutes around the playground. The sports council supervise this fun part of the day and makes sure the children are behaving and having fun.



Why do we do this?

We do this so that the children can remain fit and healthy. There is a government scheme to keep children fit and healthy for one hour a day to ensure they are healthy. The Daily Mile is a help in ensuring that this gets done!


Is this working?

Nathaniel thinks, "personally, this is working because when the children come back into class they are ready to learn.


Ayaan suggests, "


Mrs Angus says, "


Why are we inviting the parents?

We are inviting the parents so that they can see the importance of their children doing an hours worth of activities daily. Whether that is running around with their dog, walking to school or playing sports outside after school. At school we provide at least 30 minutes of activities a day, the daily mile being a substantial part of this. All we need now is parents to make sure their children are getting another 30 minutes at home!


What time and day do parents need to come in?

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January 11, 2018

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